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Operator Training Vendors

Looking For An Operator Training Course?

The following companies are licensed with the State of Oregon to offer Tanning Operator Training:

Company Name and Contact Online On-site Self-Study
International Smart Tan Network
Teresa Poehlman
x x
National Tanning Training Institute
Rebecca Pray
Sun is Life
Tony Brown

Frank Vierling
(919) 561-1705

Suntanning Association for Education
Paul Germek
x x
John Duncan

Bogo Tanning & Cryotherapy

7552 SW Nyberg rd Tualatin Or 97062


Becoming a Licensed Vendor

You must be licensed as a vendor in the State of Oregon to provide tanning operator training or tanning sales and services. To apply for a State of Oregon vendor license, complete the application and return it to our office. Vendor Responsibilities are outlined in OAR 333-119-0200.

Additional required information to be submitted with the application:

  1. Copies of all training materials to be used for the course
  2. Copy of course exam
  3. A resume or CV for all on-site trainers

The Authority will provide Oregon specific materials to incorporate into the training. For on-line courses the Authority will review the course with the incorporated materials. For on-site courses the Authority will set up an audit of the course before final approval can be given.

Vendors are responsible for notifying the Authority prior to training material revisions. All changes made to the training materials must be reviewed and approved by the Authority.

Vendors will maintain records of course completion and test results for a period of at least three years from the date of the operator training course. A copy of the list of persons successfully completing operator training will be sent to our office at least annually and include the following information:

  1. Name of persons trained
  2. Individual test scores
  3. Associated tanning facility (Salon Name and City)

Vendors will provide access to the Authority to audit any operator training courses offered within the State of Oregon without charge.

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