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Preparing for Your Inspection

Tanning facilities are inspected once every 2-3 years. During an inspection, items are identified that result in citations for non-compliance. The most common citations are often times the easiest to avoid. One way to avoid these citations is to read the Rules for the Regulation of Tanning Devices and Facilities: OAR 333-119.

The information below and the Self Inspection Checklist (pdf) were designed to assist you in operating your tanning facility.


Signs are often missing due to remodeling, office organization, new ownership, or forgetfulness. There are 4 signs your inspector will be looking for:

  1. Minor Sign (pdf) 
    This sign must be posted in public view. One sign visible at the reception area is acceptable; however, many facility owners choose to post a sign in each room, this is also acceptable.
  2. Notice to the Public (pdf)
    This sign must be posted in public view. One sign visible at the reception area is acceptable; however, many facility owners choose to post this sign in each room, this is also acceptable.
  3. Warning Sign (pdf) 
    This sign must be posted within ONE METER (39.37 inches or approximately 3 feet) of each tanning device.
  4. Medication List (pdf) 
    This list must be available for review by consumers, and the best way to do this is to post it in public view. Keep in mind this is not a complete list of medications. If a customer has questions about their medications they need to contact their physician or pharmacist.

Record Keeping

  1. Client Cards (pdf) 
    Each facility will maintain records of consumer’s exposures including date and duration of the visit (OAR 333-119-0110(1)). This information can be tracked on a computer program or by using a client card, or a combination of both. At a minimum the client card needs to include the following: 
    • Exposure date
    • Exposure duration
    • Skin Type # 
    • Warning Statement, OAR 333-119-0050
    • Signature Line
    • Birthdate, ID Type, ID Number (all tanning clients must present acceptable identification as proof of age)

  2. Make certain all cards are filled out completely, signed, and dated.
    Reminder: Cards must be filled out and signed annually as outlined in OAR 333-119-0050.

  3. Skin Typing (pdf)
    For help on skin typing your clients please refer to the skin typing chart. Each customer must be skin typed before they tan. Record their skin type number on their client card. If you have an electronic system their number must be available in the records. The customers skin type number will help you to determine the length of their tanning sessions based on your individual tanning device exposure schedule. You can record skin type information on the client card. Note: If you laminate one copy you can re-use it each time you skin type a new customer.

  4. Bed Maintenance (pdf)
    Keep track of bed maintenance. You can use the tanning bed maintenance form. Record all services performed on the tanning device including lamp changes, part replacement, fan replacement, shock adjustment, etc. Include the date of maintenance, who preformed the maintenance, and the unit hours of each device. Reminder: You need an Oregon Licensed Electrician if you are having electrical work done.

  5. Timer Test (pdf)
    Timer tests are required to be done annually as outlined in OAR 333-119-0100(c)(17). Make sure to test the timer for each tanning device and recorded on the Timer Test Record form.

  6. Employee Training
    OPERATORS MUST BE TRAINED BY AN APPROVED VENDOR PRIOR TO OPERATING A TANNING DEVICE. Keep track of employee training. You can use the log of operator training. All training must be from an approved vendor (pdf). Make sure copies of training certificates are available for inspector review. Note: If you work at more than one facility have a copy of your formal training certificate available at each facility.

  7. Manuals
    You must have on file an operating manual for each tanning device. Your inspector will ask to see them all. Electronic copies are ok as long as all employees have access to them.

  8. Lamp Equivalency Charts
    If the lamps that are installed in the tanning device are not the lamps the manufacturer requires then you must have a Lamp Equivalency Chart on file to prove that they are equivalent. Contact your lamp supplier if you did not receive one at the time of purchase. Note: The device operating manual will list the required lamps. The required labeling on the tanning device will also list the required lamps. Here is a guidance document on equivalency charts (pdf).

  9. Medical Recommendation Form (pdf) 
    Must be completed by a licensed physician who is recommending a patient, under 18 years of age, to use a tanning device for the treatment of a medical condition. A completed copy of this document must be kept on file at a tanning salon for any customer.

Facility Operations

  1. Eyewear
    Protective eyewear is REQUIRED, not just recommended. Make sure every client has and uses eye protection each time they tan. No eyewear no tan.

  2. NEW Sanitizer
    You must use a sanitizer that contains Quaternary Ammonium. The sanitizer must be mixed to a concentration of between 400-800 ppm. Note: Tanning devices and eye protection must be cleaned between each use by a facility operator using a clean towel.

  3. Test Kit
    Each facility needs to have a Quat - test because they are required to make sure their sanitizer is mixed to the proper concentration in parts-per-million (ppm). Sanitizer tests are required to be done when the sanitizer is mixed initially and then weekly.

  4. Timer
    All tanning devices must be controlled by a remote timer system located outside of the tanning room. THE TIMER MUST BE SET BY THE OPERATOR.

Operator Training

Keep track of employee operator training (pdf). All operators are required to complete a training course from a State licensed vendor prior to operating a tanning device.



Responding to an Inspection

If items of non-compliance were found during your inspection, you need to respond in writing to the inspector within 10 days for training and registration citations and within 30 days for all other citations. Use the How to Respond to a Tanning Inspection (pdf) document for guidance. If you have questions about your response do not hesitate to contact your inspector. 

Failure to Respond

If you do not respond in writing with the corrective action taken within the stated time frame, you will be subject to civil penalty in the amounts noted on the Inspection Findings Report. An easy way to avoid civil penalties is to respond in writing to the items of non-compliance noted during your inspection. Include copies of updates forms, receipts for repairs, services or purchases.

  1. Registration - Respond within TEN days of the inspection

    Fill out the tanning registration form (pdf). Make a copy for your records and mail the form to:
    Radiation Protection Services - Tanning Program
    800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 640
    Portland, OR 97232
    The form may also be faxed to 971-673-0553

  2. Training - Respond within TEN days of the inspection.

    Complete a tanning operator training within ten days of the inspection. Mail, email or fax in confirmation that you have completed the training. View the list of approved training vendors (pdf).