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Publications and Reports

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Technical reports

Work-related Traumatic Brain Injury in Oregon, 2009-2014TBI report cover
Download report (pdf)

To better understand the burden of work-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in Oregon, OPHP examined available data from death certificates and trauma registry system in Oregon for the years 2009 through 2014. Those data did not capture all work-related TBIs but represented relatively serious TBIs.

The report summarizes how many severe work-related TBIs occurred each year in Oregon, who was injured, how the TBIs occurred and which industries were at high risk. The report is a reference for policy makers, service providers, health educators, researchers and other interested occupational health and safety groups in Oregon.

Adult Blood Lead Reporting in Oregon, 2006-2010report cover
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Oregon is one of 40 states that participate in the Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) program. The public health objective of the ABLES program corresponds to the Healthy People 2020 objective OSH-7, which is to reduce the proportion of persons who have elevated blood lead concentrations from work exposures.

This report summarizes adult lead tests in individuals 16 years of age and older between 2006 and 2010. It also describes the partnerships that Oregon relies on to develop and implement intervention strategies.

Occupational Health in Oregonreport cover
Download report (pdf)

OPHP published Occupational Health in Oregon, a report about worker health in the state, in May 2009. The occupational health indicators that OPHP generates for the State-based Surveillance (SBS) grant are a small portion of their surveillance activities; the profile is intended to provide a broader perspective. The report includes sections on fatal and non-fatal injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, burns, lead and pesticide poisonings, asthma, pneumoconiosis, mesothelioma, and special populations.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

The occupational public health staff in the OHA Public Health Division have authored and contributed to the following peer-reviewed journal articles:

Yang L,  Branscum A, Bovbjerg V, Cude C, Weston C, Kincl L. (2021) Assessing disabling and non-disabling injuries and illnesses using accepted workers compensation claims data to prioritize industries of high risk for Oregon young workers. Journal of Safety Research. 2021.

Yang L, Weston C, Cude C, Kincl L. (2020). Evaluating Oregon's occupational public health surveillance system based on the CDC updated guidelines. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 2020; 63: 713– 725.

Yang L, Branscum A, Smit E, Dreher D, Howard K, Kincl L (2020). Work-related injuries and illnesses and their association with hour of work: Analysis of the Oregon construction industry in the U.S. using workers' compensation accepted disabling claims, 2007-2013. Journal of Occupational Health. 2020; 62(1)

Lee SJ, Mehler L, Beckman J, Diebolt-Brown B, Prado J, Lackovic M, Waltz J et al (2011). Acute Pesticide Illnesses Associated with Off-Target Pesticide Drift from Agricultural Applications: 11 States, 1998-2006. Environ Health Perspect 119(8):1162-1169.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Wuellner SE, Walters JK, St. Louis T, Leinenkugel K, Rogers PF, Lefkowitz D, Davis LK, Gelberg K, Zak MJ, Castillo D (2011). Nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses among older workers - United States, 2009. MMWR 60(16):503-508.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Green MK, Harrison R, Leinenkugel K, Nguyen CB, Towle M, Schoonover T, Bunn T, Northwood J, Pratt SG, Myers JR (2011). Occupational highway transportation deaths - United States, 2003-2008. MMWR 60(16):497-502.

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Lutzker LA, Rafferty AP, Brunner WM, Walters JK, Wasilevich EA, Green MK, Rosenman KD (2010):  Prevalence of work-related asthma in Michigan, Minnesota, and Oregon. J Asthma 47(2):156-61.

Walters JK, Christensen KA, Green MK, Karam LE, Kincl LD (2010): Occupational Injuries to Oregon Workers 24 years and Younger: An Analysis of Workers' Compensation Claims, 2000-2007. Am J Ind Med 53(10):984-994.

Walters J (2009). Characteristics of Occupational Burns in Oregon, 2001-2006. Am J Ind Med 52(5):380-390.

Walters J, Boswell L, Green M, Heumann M, Karam L, Morrissey B, Waltz J (2009): Pyrethrin and pyrethroid illnesses in the Pacific Northwest: A five-year review. Pub Health Rep 124(1):149-159. 

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Green M, Heumann M, Wehr H, Foster L, Williams Jr. L, Polder J, Morgan C, Wagner S, Wanke L, Witt J (1987): An Outbreak of Watermelon-Borne Pesticide Toxicity. Am J Public Health 77(11):1431-1434.


Communicable Disease (CD) Summary
The CD Summary is a publication of the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division, and is distributed every two weeks. The intended audience is licensed health care providers; public health and health care agencies; media representatives; medical laboratories; hospitals; and other individuals and institutions with an interest in epidemiology and public health interests.

Past issues related to environmental or occupational public health are listed below:

Visit the CD Summary website to view additional issues.

Putting Data to Work
A quarterly publication by OPHP that provides readers with concise descriptions of work-related issues. Typically it provides a scope of the problem summary, epidemiological data, description and/or diagnosis of the injury/illness, case summary, prevention recommendations, conclusions, resources, and references.