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Oregon School-Based Health Center Funding

Since 1986, Oregon's School-Based Health Center (SBHC) program has benefited from support by the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Legislature. What began as an initial commitment of $212,000 to partially fund five SBHCs, has grown to a commitment of about $18.5 million to support both physical and mental health services in 78 certified SBHCs and a team of 9 staff at the SBHC State Program Office. (SPO)

SBHCs are required to provide services to all students regardless of the student's ability to pay. Given the gap between available funds from insurance payments and the required services and population to be served, the Oregon Legislature has provided funding to supplement and sustain SBHC services. State funding is intended to supplement other funding sources, both public and private, at the local level.

SBHC Funding

The School-Based Health Center (SBHC) State Program Office (SPO) has historically provided funds to state certified SBHCs. As outlined in OAR 333-028-0260, funding must be used to support activities related to planning, oversight, maintenance, administration, operation, and delivery of services within one or more SBHC as required by OHA’s SBHC funding formula.

Prior to 2019, SBHC SPO grant funds were exclusively awarded directly to Local Public Health Authorities (LPHAs) through the county Financial Assistance Agreements (Program Element 44). Beginning in the 19-21 biennium, the SBHC SPO modified this policy to allow for direct contracting with non-county medical sponsor entities.

LPHAs are given the “right of first refusal” for SBHC contracts with the state:

LPHAs with certified SBHCs can choose to either:
  1. Manage SPO contracts and directly receive state SBHC funding, or  
  2. Have the SPO contract directly with non-county medical sponsors
LPHAs are given the opportunity to make changes to this contracting relationship at the start of each biennium (state legislatively determined fiscal cycle).

If the LPHA is not the direct recipient of the SBHC funding, the LPHA is not held accountable for SBHC contract requirements, including contract monitoring and oversight. This responsibility sits instead with the non-county medical sponsor.

LPHAs can determine the contract relationship with the SPO for each non-county medical sponsor in their county. This funding model acknowledges and supports the LPHA’s role in public health foundational program areas of access to clinical preventive services, prevention and health promotion and communicable disease control.

Funding awards and contracts to LPHAs and non-county medical sponsors encompass all state funding for that SBHC including: SBHC base funding, Mental Health Expansion Grant awards and any additional SBHC grants or funding opportunities.

SBHC base funding:

  • State certified SBHCs are eligible to receive $60,000/year

The SBHC Mental Health Expansion Grant (MHEG) funding formula for 2021-2023:

  • SBHCs that received funding during the 2019-2021 biennium are eligible to receive continued funding during the 2021-2023 biennium.
  • MHEG funding was determined based upon a funding formula. More information about the MHEG and funding can be found on the Mental Health page.