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Reports and Publications

The School-Based Health Center (SBHC) State Program has developed publications and reports to provide information on the status of SBHCs and related issues.


2020 Status Update 2020 SBHC Data
SBHC Medical Sponsor List

medical sponsor list sbhc map
2019 Status Report
2019 SBHC Data

2018 Status Report 
2017 Status Report 
 2016 Status Update
2017 status report
SBHC Mental Health Expansion Grant Summary Report SBHC Innovation Grant Report
General Fact Sheet 
- English -
General Fact Sheet
- Spanish -
Status Report
Fact Sheet
School Health Services
Fact Sheet
School Health Services
Fact Sheet - Spanish
Status Update
Status Report

SBHC 2014 Status Update 
SBHC Status Report 2013 

Oregon School-Based Health Centers 2012 Status Update
Improving the Health of Oregon's Children Where They Live, Learn & Play

Fact Sheet

Youth Voice

Health Transformation

SBHC 2012 Update: Fact Sheet 

SBHC 2012 Update: Youth  Voice 

SBHC 2012 Update: Health Transformation 

Status Report
1985 – 2010
25 Years of Innovation
Status Report 
Status Report
Status Report
Planning & Sustaining a SBHC Cost & Revenue Findings in Oregon
SBHC Mental Health
Needs Assessment Report 
Status Report
2007 SBHC Patient Satisfaction Survey & The 2005 Oregon Statewide Opinion Survey
Status Report
Status Report 

Poster Presentations

Collaborating for High Quality Care: State Programs Working to Enhance SBHC Compliance 
(SBHA, 2016)
Economic Implications of Providing Flu Shots in Oregon SBHCs: A Look at the Numbers 
(SBHA, 2016)


Paying for Care Differently: Where Do Oregon SBHCs Fit in the Alternative Payment Methodology Landscape? (SBHA, 2015)
SBHC Mental Health Expansion Grant (SBHA, 2015)
Innovative Integration with Health System Transformation: Oregon SBHC Innovation Grants 
(SBHA, 2015)
School-Based Health Centers Alignment with Health & Education Reform in Oregon 
(SBHA, 2014)
Prevention vs. Need: Youth Perception of Anticipatory Guidance in Oregon SBHCs 
(SBHA, 2014)
A Pathway to Expansion: A Review of Oregon's SBHC Planning Grant Process 
(NASBHC, 2010)
SBHCs are Critical in Addressing Health Disparities and Unmet Health Needs of Oregon Adolescents
(SAHM, 2009)



Health Service Integration in Oregon -
School-Based Health Centers: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Young People (pdf)

This article provides a snapshot of the mental health services being provided in Oregon SBHCs and offers recommendations for how more integrated services in an SBHC can help fill gaps to better meet young people's mental health needs in Oregon.

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