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Program Participants Talk About their Experiences

Two seniors, a man and a woman, wearing helmets and sitting on bikes in a park setting
Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance

  • Jeanne D., 79

    I think every Senior should take this class. When I first started I was deathly afraid of falling, especially stepping off of curbs. I even took to taking a cane with me thinking it would help me to not fall. I now don't use a cane and am not afraid of falling. The techniques in Tai Chi helped me retain balance. It is a wonderful exercise, not only for balance, but help with other medical issues. I wouldn't miss a Tai Chi class for anything. Love it and am always practicing the moves.

  • Janice G., 62

    I have Parkinson’s Disease and cervical dystonia with additional challenges from degenerating lower back discs and knee damage. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and dystonia three years ago and had symptoms for about one year prior to the diagnosis. Since about February 2013 I have attended the Tai Chi class as well as the exercise class for Parkinson’s, and pole walking (with trekking poles).

    Before attending these classes my balance was so poor that I was afraid I would fall in the shower, and I did not walk for exercise for fear of falling on the sidewalk. When I walked, my left arm just hung without moving.

    The Tai Chi class, in conjunction with the Parkinson’s exercise class and pole walking, has made a huge difference for me. During my last neurology appointment the doctor was very pleased with my walking because both arms swung like they should, and I did not walk with a shuffle as do so many Parkinson’s patients, but rather with a normal gait and bounce.

    I think the Tai Chi class and the exercise classes reinforce each other through different approaches. The balance and walking improvements I experienced as a direct result of these classes have given me back the freedom to enjoy walking again. Tai chi and the exercise classes really do work!

Stepping On

  • Bill, 78

    Both my wife and I remain physically active, though I’ve seen some decline physically in the past year or so. We work out regularly several times a week at the Providence gym. When I learned about this class I thought it was an opportunity to learn god techniques as I see the need in the future. I’ll keep the handbook and weights, with the intent of using it in the future.

  • Betty, 59

    This class helped with my balance and it is good strengthening exercises for my legs.

  • Peggy, 78

    The teachers are just marvelous. You learn how to take care of yourself and watch for the dangers.

  • Betty, 84

    I would absolutely recommend Stepping On. I've told everybody I know about it. We all need to practice how NOT to fall.

Contact Information
Lisa Shields, Program Coordinator
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 730
Portland, OR 97232

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