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PDMP Advisory Commission Subcommittee

Purpose of the Subcommittee

This subcommittee was created in 2017 by House Bill 3440. Section 19 states, the subcommittee shall develop, through the use of PDMP information, criteria by which a practitioner may be required to receive education or training on the prescribing of opioids. The subcommittee may review PMDP information on a practitioner’s prescribing history (that does not identify a patient), to determine whether a practitioner meets the criteria for receiving education/ training. The subcommittee may direct OHA to provide to a practitioner who meets the above criteria educational information about prescribing opioids for pain.

Subcommittee Charter (pdf)

Available Prescribing Resources

This healthcare tool allows prescribers to manage their patient’s prescriptions. As of July 2018, all Oregon practitioners are required to register with the program.

Recommendations for Safe use of Opioid medications for patients with acute pain not currently on opioids.

​The module is designed to improve pain care across the continuum and to support all licensed clinicians in the state.

Module -
Toolbox -

​Tools - MED calculator, Taper flow sheets, etc.
Online training courses -
TelePain – University of Washington Division of Pain Medicine offers weekly videoconferences to increase knowledge and skills of prescribers.

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