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Pain Care Toolbox: Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools

General Screening

PEG-3Pain screening tool that assesses pain, general function and quality of life
Start BackTool that stratifies risk of chronicity and degree of psychosocial complexity

Mood and Mental Health

Adverse Childhood Events Screening (ACES) tool for trauma history
Tool to measure rumination, magnification, and feelings of helplessness about pain
Depression and anxiety screening tool 
Tool to screen for PTSD

Pain Assessment

Central sensitization fibromyalgia screening tool
Short form for assessing pain
Neuropathic pain screening tool


Assesses patient’s beliefs about fear avoidance
Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire is an extremely important tool to measure a patient’s permanent functional disability
Tool to measure how pain is interfering with patient’s ADLs
Graded pain and function scale

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