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Data Exchange for Student Information Systems

Oregon-based schools and other educational institutions that use Student Information Systems are eligible to request a data exchange connection with ALERT IIS in order to query for the Immunization Information System for student immunization histories.

Onboarding for data exchange with ALERT IIS requires using HL7 standards (Health Level Seven), a set of international standards used to provide guidance with transferring and sharing data between various healthcare providers. Because HL7 is not typically used in an educational technology setting, we are developing a guide to be posted soon for our educational partners to assist in the construction of HL7 language specifically needed by educational institutions to query and receive student immunization histories from ALERT IIS.

Steps for Data Exchange

It is highly recommended that Student Information Systems (SIS) complete the approval process for assessment and reporting prior to setting up data exchange with ALERT IIS.

List of SIS currently approved for assessing records and immunization reporting

The Student Information System Guide for setting up electronic data exchange with ALERT IIS provides HL7 specifications for setting up data exchange between your SIS and ALERT IIS.

To establish a data exchange interface with the IIS, an SIS will need to completes the following steps:

  1. Enroll as a data exchange partner using the button below.
  2. Set up functionality in SIS:
  3. Send queries to the IIS and receive immunization records via HL7 messaging.
  4. Populate the student’s immunization record in the SIS from message received from the IIS.
    Examples include but are not limited to:
  5. A combination vaccine should populate the correct fields in the SIS. For example, a Measles/Mumps/Rubella/Varicella (MMRV) vaccine should populate the fields for MMR and Varicella.
  6. New immunization dates from the IIS should integrate chronologically with the existing dates in the SIS record.
  7. Dates should not be duplicated in the SIS record.
  8. Determine frequency of queries. Will queries happen on a scheduled basis (e.g., overnight for all students), on an individual basis, or both?
  9. Make sure auditing functionality is available so that the source of the immunization record is designated as ALERT IIS.
Data Exchange Registration Form