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Triennial Reviews

Local Public Health Authority Reviews

The Oregon Health Authority conducts a comprehensive review of local public health authorities every three years for most programs. These reviews assess compliance of local public health authorities (including activities of subcontractors, if applicable), evaluate overall program effectiveness, and recommend modification to programs when requested.

Review results, including commendations, compliance findings, and recommendations (if requested), are communicated to the governing body of the local public health authority and the local public health administrator.

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Triennial Review Tools

If you have trouble opening the PDF files, right click the PDF link and choose, "Save as." Save the tool to the preferred location on your computer and open it from there.

Form Name Word PDF Date
Pre-review Information Sheet Word November 2018
Administrative Word
June 2018
Babies First! Word April 2015
Civil Rights Self-Assessment Word June 2018
Communicable Disease Word October 2018
Drinking Water Word May 2018
Fiscal Word April 2015
Fiscal Non-Profit Word April 2015
Fiscal WIC Word April 2015
Food, Pool and Lodging Health & Safety - Environmental Health Word June 2015
Food, Pool and Lodging Health & Safety - Environmental Health Program Protocol Word PDF August 2013
Health Officer Word June 2018
Healthy Communities Implementation Word June 2015
HIV Care and Treatment Word April 2015
HIV Prevention Word May 2015
Immunization Word PDF October 2016
MCH Records Review Word April 2015
Nurse Family Partnership Word March 2018
Perinatal Word April 2015
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Word PDF July 2018
Reproductive Health Review tool coming soon
STI Word July 2016
Tobacco Prevention & Education Program (TPEP) Word June 2015
Tuberculosis Review Word July 2017
Tuberculosis Chart Audit Word April 2015
Vital Records Word June 2016
Vital Records Instruction Memo Word
June 2016
Vital Records Instruction Memo - County and Deputy Registrar Roles and Responsibilities PDF October 2017



Sept 2017

WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program Word May 2015
WIC Farm Direct Nutrition Program Word Aug 2016

Triennial Review Evaluation Report

The Triennial Review Evaluation Report examines compliance findings from a three-year review cycle (2014-2016) to identify common trends. The study also includes key informant interviews with LHD and PHD staff to identify training needs and barriers to achieving compliance.

Below is the final report which includes recommendations for how PHD and LHDs can support the public health system of today, while co-creating a modernized system that will equitably and efficiently serve the needs of Oregonians in the decades ahead.

Final Report, September 2017

Executive Summary

Triennial Review Improvement Project

The Oregon Public Health Division and Conference of Local Health Officials are in the midst of a project to improve the triennial review process.

Below are results to the survey report and survey comments shared with local and state public health staff.

Triennial Review Survey Report, January 2015

Survey Comments

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