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Quality Emergency Care in Oregon

EMS logoThe Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program develops and regulates systems for quality emergency medical care in Oregon. This ensures that EMS Providers are fully trained, that emergency medical vehicles are properly equipped, and emergency medical systems are functioning efficiently and effectively. 

EMS Resource Toolkit: The EMS Resource Toolkit has resources specifically designed to meet the needs of EMS agencies and fire departments. Resources are updated frequently, so check back regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Emergency Initial Provisional Licensure

OHA EMS & Trauma Systems developed an Emergency Initial Provisional License application in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This license was created and permitted during the Governor's Public Health Emergency Declaration (OAR 333-265-0058).

The Emergency Declaration expired April 1, 2022. Therefore, the short-term Emergency Initial Provisional License applications are no longer offered. Current Emergency Initial Provisional License holders may continue to work or volunteer in Oregon until that license expires. These providers can apply for permanent licensure if they meet minimum qualifications.

To apply for initial licensure in Oregon as an EMS provider, please create an account on the OHA EMS & Trauma Systems eLicense public portal and complete a New EMT, AEMT, EMT-Intermediate or Paramedic license application. Minimum requirements for an initial license in Oregon can be found here: OAR 333-265


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