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Oregon EMS Information System (OR-EMSIS)


The Oregon EMS Information System (OR-EMSIS) is Oregon's prehospital emergency medical services data system.


EMS Data Reporting

Oregon EMS data are transitioning to electronic standards. This transition supports patient care and improved patient outcomes while allowing EMS agencies to exchange information with other healthcare partners (OR-EMSIS Data Schema).

Oregon Senate Bill 52 mandates that transporting ambulance service agencies begin reporting patient care electronically to a statewide database by January 1, 2019.

New Prehospital Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) Requirements

When patient contact is made, EMS personnel create an electronic PCR which charts assessment and care. Each electronic PCR data is securely submitted to OHA (Oregon Administrative Rule 333-250-0310 and 0320). Patient care data are collected for national, state, regional and agency clinical performance, quality improvement and understanding of prehospital medical care in the field.

The data system is free of charge to all EMS agencies and hospitals, regardless of what vendor an agency uses locally for patient care reporting.

How to Report EMS Data

If your agency is not yet live with the new data standard, we are here to help you meet the January 1, 2019 deadline.

Here’s an overview of how to ensure you meet this deadline:

  1. Select your vendor
    The State of Oregon provides use of ImageTrend Elite at no cost for all EMS agencies in the state, or you may opt for another vendor. See above for a list of vendors with successful transition projects in the state.
  2. Pick a start date
    Identify a 2018 start date for testing and send that date to us at
  3. Review the appropriate transition checklist
    State ImageTrend System (pdf)
    Agency Other system (pdf)

For more information, see the Ambulance Service and Licensing page with information about complying with this mandate.

How will this project affect hospitals and other healthcare partners?

Hospitals should be aware that if they are currently receiving paper copies of EMS patient care reports (PCRs), this feature will likely go away starting on the date that EMS agency transitions to the new electronic standard. Instead, hospitals will be able to access electronic PCRs (or ePCRs) for agencies who have transitioned to the new standard.

In general, this transition is expected to better support patient transfer and care to healthcare facilities after EMS transport by providing a timely and uniform summary of the patient care status.


Guides and videos for agencies and hospitals to efficiently use the EMS data system:


Access and Data Requests

For account assistance and data requests go to our SmartSheet Form Request and fill in the appropriate information.

This link will ask you to select the form appropriate for your needs. Refer to the table below to understand the uses of each form.

Performance Measures

This report is intended to assist health professionals who provide prehospital emergency medical care outside of the hospital, to assist local and state leaders in understanding and evaluating the delivery of prehospital emergency care in Oregon.

Data Strategic Plan

The Data Strategic Plan is intended to track the progress of the OR-EMSIS data system project. OHA has set objectives and goals which are tracked quarterly.


OR-EMSIS Updates

OR-EMSIS Studies

The Oregon EMS Committee is tasked to advise OHA with an annual study that uses the OR-EMSIS data. This is the first report presented by OHA to the public.




Agency Status

Agency Status Chart

The chart above shows the current transition status of Oregon transport and non-transport agencies. Only transport agencies are required to comply with Senate Bill 52.

  • Live - Agency has already transitioned
  • Scheduled - Agency has identified a date to begin the transition
  • Not scheduled - Agency has not yet identified a start date

List of Live Agencies and Vendors

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