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Office of Health Analytics


The Office of Health Analytics is a single point of accountability for continual improvement of health analytics coordination and data integration across the Oregon Health Authority and Department of Human Services programs. The Office provides reports and recommendations so that OHA leadership, the Governor, and the Legislature can better understand and improve upon the performance of OHA programs and the quality of Oregon's health system as a whole.

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Recent Updates

Oregon's Health Care Payment Arrangements in 2019 (published Sept 2021)
COVID-19 and the Changes to Oregon Residents' Health Insurance Coverage
Health Care System Finances Brief: Q1-Q2 2020
Oregon Health Insurance Survey Insurance Coverage Dashboard
Oregon Health Insurance Survey Uninsurance Dashboard
Hospital Payment Dashboard
Health Care Workforce Dashboard
Hospital Financial and Utilization Dashboard
How Oregon's Insurance Carriers and CCOs Paid for Health Care in 2018
2019 CCO Performance Report
CCO Metrics 2018 Deeper Dive
Summative Waiver Evaluation Final Report

OHA Program Data

Medicaid/OHP Data & Reports

OHP Data and Reports
OHP Rate Development
Medicaid BRFSS

Addictions and Mental Health

AMH Reports and Data
Behavioral Health Mapping

Research & Data

All Payer All Claims
CAHPS Banner Books
Health Care Workforce Reporting
Hospital Reporting
Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program Survey
Oregon Health Insurance Coverage
Primary Care Spending

Data Request Forms

General Data Request
APAC Data Requests

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