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Health Policy and Analytics: Organizational Chart

Health Policy and Analytics Division

Jeremy Vandehey, JD

Deputy Director
Trilby de Jung

Delivery Systems Innovation

Chris DeMars, Interim Director

Quality Improvement Program
Lisa Bui, Director

Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC)
Jason Gingerich, Director

Pharmacy Policy and Programs / OPDP
Trevor Douglass, Director

Transformation Center
Chris DeMars, Director

Alissa Robbins, Deputy Director

Clinical Supports, Integration & Workforce Unit

Neelam Gupta, Director

Health Care Provider Incentive Program
Joe Sullivan

HRSA Oral Health Grant
Jon McElfresh

J-1 Visa Program
Dia Shuhart

Amy Harris, Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program Director

Primary Care Office
Marc Overbeck, Director

Health Information Technology

Susan Otter, Director

HIT Policy
Lisa Parker, Director

HIT Programs
Dan Pasch, Director

Meaningful Use Programs
Jessi Wilson, Manager

HIT Oversight Council (HITOC)
Ashley Ashworth, Lead Analyst

Health Information Exchange Programs
Luke Glowasky, Manager

HIT/Certified Electronic Health Record Technology Policy
Karen Hale, Lead Analyst

HIT Policy and Environment
Marta Makarushka, Lead Analyst


Ali Hassoun, Director

Damian Brayko, Deputy Director

Cindy Bowman, Director

Benefits & Plan Design
Linda Freeze, Manager

Health Care Data Systems
Barry Burke, Manager

Health Analytics

Stacey Schubert, Director

Medicaid Analytics & Data Integration
Chris Coon, Manager

Quality Metrics Surveys & Evaluation
Kate Lonborg, Manager

Behavioral Health Analytics
Geralyn Brennan, Manager

Research & Data
Amy Clary, Manager

Health Policy

Stephanie Jarem, Director

CCO 2.0 Policy Support
Stephanie Jarem

Medicaid Advisory Council
Tim Sweeney

OHPB Policy Support
Jeff Scroggin

Business Operations

Matt Betts, Director

Budget & Technology
Liz Mill, Manager

Jennifer Nones, Manager

Staffing & Resources
Shelly Juba, Interim Deputy Director