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AWARE: Antibiotic Awareness Week

U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week - November 18-24, 2019

During U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week, we remind all Oregonians to use antibiotics as prescribed and to remember that antibiotics are not effective in treating viral infections, such as the common cold or flu.

This campaign aims to reduce rising rates of antibiotic resistance by:

  1. Promoting adherence to appropriate prescribing guidelines among providers;
  2. Decreasing demand for antibiotics for viral upper respiratory infections among healthy adults and parents of young children; and
  3. Increasing adherence to prescribed antibiotics for upper respiratory infections.

What Is U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week?

U.S Antibiotic Awareness Week is an annual one-week observance held in November to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use. It is a key component of CDC’s efforts to improve antibiotic stewardship in communities, in healthcare facilities, and on the farm in collaboration with state-based programs, nonprofit partners, and for-profit partners. The one-week observance raises awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use.

  • Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die as a direct result of these infections. Many more people die from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic-resistant infection.
  • On September 18, 2014, the White House announced an Executive Order stating that the Federal Government will work domestically and internationally to detect, prevent, and control illness and death related to antibiotic-resistant infections by implementing measures that reduce the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and help ensure the continued availability of effective therapeutics for the treatment of bacterial infections.
  • The use of antibiotics is the single most important factor leading to antibiotic resistance around the world. Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed drugs used in human medicine. However, up to 50% of all the antibiotics prescribed for people are not needed or are not optimally effective as prescribed. Antibiotics are also commonly used for promoting growth in food animals, one type of use that is not necessary.

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