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Licensing Forms, Applications and Fees

Radioactive Materials Licensing Forms and Applications

Fees for Specific Licenses

 Each specific license type appearing in the following fee schedule shall be licensed separately with a specific license fee as indicated:

(a) Analytical/Leak Test/Fixed X-ray Fluorescence, $897(F);

(b) Basic License, $1,586(F);

(c) Brachytherapy, $3,581(F);

(d) Broad Scope A, $4,500(F);

(e) Broad Scope B, $3,581(F);

(f) Broad Scope C, $1,781(F);

(g) Distribution, $1,7811(F);

(h) Fixed Gauge, $449(S);

(i) High, medium and low doserate brachytherapy, $4,500(S);

(j) Imaging and Localization, $1,781(F);

(k) In Vitro Laboratory, $592(F);

(l) Industrial Radiography:

(A) Fixed Facility, $4,500(F);

(B) Field Use, $4,500(F);

(m) Instrument Calibration, $1,346(S);

(n) Investigational New Drug, $2,685(F);

(o) Irradiator Self-Shielded, $1,781(S);

(p) Manufacturing/Compounding, $4,500(F);

(q) Mobile Nuclear Medicine, $4,500(F);

(r) NORM (no processing), $1,196(F);

(s) Nuclear Pharmacy, $4,500(F);

(t) Other Measuring Device, $260(S). Six sources or more, for attenuation purposes, may apply for a basic license;

(u) Portable Gauge:

(A) X-ray Fluorescence, $897(S);

(B) All other portable gauges, $1,196(S);

(v) Radiopharmaceutical Therapy, $2,685(F);

(w) RAM/NOS Facility, $4,500(F);

(x) Research & Development, $2,685(F);

(y) Sealed Sources for Diagnosis, $897(S);

(z) Source Material, $4,500(F);

(aa) Special Nuclear Material (sealed), $1,781(S);

(bb) Special Nuclear Material (unsealed), $4,500(F);

(cc) Teletherapy (external beam), $4,500(S);

(dd) Unique, No Fee;

(ee) Uptake and Dilution, $1,196(F);

(ff) Use of Xenon Gas, $1,196(F);

(gg) Waste Packaging, $4,500(F);

(hh) Well Logging, $2,685(S);

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