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ORELAP Rules and Statutes

Permanent Rule Changes to OAR 333 Division 64 Effective December 27, 2022

New rules have been established for the accreditation of psilocybin testing laboratories.  These new rules were adopted to fulfill ORELAP's responsibility to accredit psilocybin testing laboratories required in ORS 475A.590 to 475A.622.  These rules also support the Oregon Psilocybin Services Program rules found in OAR 333-333-7010 to 333-333-7150.  The rules include new sections covering sampling, testing, and reporting.  Also included are rules on psilocybin laboratory enforcement.  There is a new sampling protocol for psilocybin products.  The rule language includes several new terms which have important definitions.  In addition, many editorial changes were made to other sections of the rules.  For more information, review the full rule text below.

Permanent Rule Changes to OAR 333 Division 64 Effective July 15, 2022

New rules affecting the accreditation fee schedule are now effective.  These are the fees paid by participating laboratories and form the base of ORELAP's funding.  Many of the accreditation fees are increasing, while the additional matrix assessment fees are staying the same, and the in-state trip fee is going away entirely.  These rule changes are the conclusion of a multi-year study analyzing ORELAP's fiscal needs and exploring possible funding scenarios.  Many of these fees have not been increased since the program's establishment in 1999, and laboratories may expect to see significant increases in their annual application and assessment fees.  For more information, please see the links below.

Permanent Rule Changes to OAR 333 Division 7 and 64 Effective March 31, 2022

New rules are in effect for accreditation of Cannabis laboratories.  Changes were made in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 333, Division 7 and 64 to address concerns raised during the 2019 Secretary of State audit of the Cannabis programs.  ORELAP-SOP-001, Revision 4.1 will become effective July 1, 2022.  ORELAP-SOP-002, Revision 4.3 will become effective March 31, 2022.  There are three implementation dates for these rules, to allow a "phase in" period.

On January 1, 2021, ORELAP adopted The NELAC Institute (TNI) 2016 Standard. Since then, ORELAP has been evaluating laboratories based on these standards.

Additional Cannabis-related Rules and Regulations

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Additional Psilocybin-related Rules and Regulations

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