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Rogue Basin Fish Passage

Sampling in Willow Creek 

Project Number



Rogue Basin Partnership


As of 2019, the Rogue Basin has over 600 fish passage barriers of different sizes that prevent migration of salmon and other native fish. These barriers are the legacy of 140 years of development that included mining, irrigated agriculture, road construction, and urban development.

Project Overview

Improved access to historic habitat for Steelhead, Coho and Chinook salmon, and Pacific Lamprey.

Since 1995, partners have completed over 110 fish passage improvement projects in the Rogue River Basin. These projects have improved access to hundreds of miles of critical fish habitat. Projects range from small-scale modification of irrigation diversion dams in tributaries to large-scale, major dam removals in the mainstem.

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For more information, please search OWEB's Grant Management System (OGMS) for Project Number 218-7000-16551.