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West Fork Smith River - Aquatic Population Responses to Multiple Stream Restoration Treatments

View upstream through diversion, after project 

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Smith River Watershed Council


Beginning in the late 1800s, logging operations and splash dams began dramatically changing the river and reducing habitat for salmon.

Project Overview

Restored spawning and rearing habitat and improved fish passage for Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon and lamprey.

Over 40 years of investment by the BLM and partners has resulted in watershed –scale restoration to improve spawning habitat for salmon. Completed restoration work includes:

• 13,000 boulders positioned

• 2,000 trees and logs placed

• 40 culverts replaced or removed

• 450 habitat structures installed

Monitoring data confirms the benefits of investments. Coho Salmon have increased by 1,780% since the late 1970s and Chinook Salmon abundance has increased by 300%.

To learn more please visit:

Website and videos: Smith River Watershed Council

For more information, please search OWEB's Grant Management System(OGMS) for Project Number 218-7000--16525.