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Willow Creek: They Told Us We Couldn't Do It But We Did

Sampling in Willow Creek 

Project Number



Malheur Watershed Council


The concentration of livestock in the Willow Creek watershed is one of the highest in the state. This creates challenges in preventing animal waste from getting into waterways. In addition outdated and inefficient flood irrigation practices cause erosion of topsoil.

Project Overview

Improved water quality by reducing sediment and bacterial contamination in Willow Creek.

Over the past 20 years, partners have completed 95 projects and piped 73 miles of irrigation lines to prevent sediment from farm fields from eroding. 755 acres of rangeland is improved and 16 miles of riparian fencing is installed to protect Willow Creek. Monitoring data shows improving trends, concentrations of total Phosphorus and Total suspended solids have decreased by 30% on average over time.

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Technical Report: Monitoring the Malheur

For more information, please search OWEB's Grant Management System (OGMS) for Project Number 218-7000-16749.