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Dispensing Practitioner Drug Outlet

Dispensing Regulations

These rules are intended to describe the Board’s registration and compliance expectations for a practitioner’s facility that engages in dispensing certain FDA-approved human prescription drug therapies greater than a 72 hours supply or any medication refill. The facility dispensing site must be registered as a drug outlet with the Board as a Dispensing Practitioner Drug Outlet (DPDO).

A practitioner’s facility is exempt from this registration requirement if the practitioner and facility only engages in:

  • Dispensing FDA approved drug samples; or
  • Dispensing Medication Assistance Program (MAP) drugs; or
  • Dispensing homeopathic products; or
  • Dispensing natural thyroid supplemental products; or
  • Dispensing a small amount of drugs to start therapy or incidental to a procedure or office visit, up to a 72 hour supply; or
  • An amount greater than a 72 hour supply if the drug is:
    • A drug in the manufacturer’s original unit-of-use packaging, such as a metered-dose inhaler or bottle of fluoride rinse; or
    • A full course of therapy, if in the professional judgment of the practitioner would be in the patient’s best interest, such as a course of antibiotic therapy.
For additional information and requirements, review the DPDO rules OAR 855-043-0002 
*Note: specific rules are OAR 855-043-0505 through 855-043-0560


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