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Apply for Pharmacist License

Pharmacist License Information   

*Average application processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks, but may be longer depending on the circumstances.
*All fees are non-refundable

Read all information carefully to avoid a delay in licensure and possible overpayment of fees. 

You may not apply for licensure in Oregon until you have passed both the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) for Oregon and the Oregon MPJE (The Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination). For additional information visit or call NABP direct at (847) 391-4406. 
You must follow all NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) processes prior to applying for licensure with the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. For more information, visit the NABP website.  

Apply for Pharmacist Licensure

Read the following information carefully. Failure to follow the steps in order, will lengthen the time it takes to complete the licensing process. For all methods of licensure, you must complete the exam process through NABP before you are eligible to apply for licensure in Oregon. 

Choose your specific method of licensure in the table below for additional instructions, fees, requirements and applications for licensure.  


Required Documents 

  • A current passport/visa style color photograph taken in front of a plain/off white background and in full-face view, directly facing the camera.  
  • A copy of your birth certificate (issued from the vital records office in the state in which you were born)  AND a color copy of the front and back of your state issued photo ID OR a color copy of your signed U.S. Passport. 
    • If you were born outside of the United States, submit a color copy of your country passport and work visa or country passport & Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or country birth certificate & naturalizatoin document or residency card.
  • Confirmation from your school/college of pharmacy that you completed 1,440 School-based Rotational Internship hours. 
  •  If you have been arrested or cited for violations of the law other than simple traffic infractions such as speeding or parking tickets, the following items are required to be submitted online: 
    • A written explanation of the circumstances in detail;  
    • Copies of all police reports
      • Contact the police agency(ies) involved to request copies of your police reports 
    • Court documents 
      • Contact the court for copies of your court documents
    • Other related documents
Failure to provide these records with your application will lengthen the time it takes to process your application. Refusal to provide these records will make your application incomplete, and ineligible for processing. The review of your documentation may lengthen the application processing time. If you have previously reported and provided the required documentation on a previous application, you do not need to resubmit the documentation.

Email all licensing related inquiries to or call (971) 673-0001. 


  • Transcripts are required for all applicants
  • You will need to obtain an official transcript from the pharmacy school from which you graduated. Official transcripts are required prior to licensure for all applicants 
  • Transcripts can be emailed to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy @ or mailed to:
                                                                 Oregon Board of Pharmacy
                                                               800 NE Oregon St., Suite 150
                                                                       Portland, OR 97232

NAPLEX & Score Transfer Applicants 

Transcripts must be sent to NABP as well as the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. You can have transcripts sent electronically to NABP requires transcripts to determine eligibility to take the exam(s). 
You must also provide confirmation from your school/college of pharmacy that you have completed 1,440 School-based Rotational Internship hours. Take and pass the applicable exam(s).

*If you graduated with a Pharmacy degree prior to 2011 and have never been licensed in another state, please contact the Oregon Board of Pharmacy at for more information.
Oregon MPJE scores are valid 6 months from test date. Passing NAPLEX scores are valid 1 year from test date. You will need to become licensed prior to the earliest score expiration to avoid completing the process again.  

*Priority processing will be given to complete applications
**All applications submitted to the Board that are not complete and processed within 90 days from submission will expire.  Once expired, applicants who wish to continue with the application process must contact the Board for additional information.
Next Steps
Once your completed application, licensing fees and fingerprint processing fee* have been received and reviewed by the Board, the instructions to complete your fingerprints will be available to download in "Documents" of your online eGov account. Please allow 2-3 business days for the instructions to be available for download.  
*There is an additional $12.50  fee that is required when you schedule your fingerprint appointment at a Fieldprint facility near you. Your fingerprints will be electronically submitted to the Oregon State Police and the results will be sent to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy.

*Please allow an average of 30 days for the Oregon State Police to process your fingerprints. 
Laws & Rules

Resources & Forms  
Limited Liability Registration 
Complete and submit the Volunteer Limited Liability online registration form below.

*You will not receive a paper license, however your registry information will be displayed on the license verification page.
*Allow up to two weeks for this information to be displayed

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