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Public Records Request

Public Information 

Search our Online License/Registration Verification database to verify a license/registration and view copies of Board disciplinary action for individuals (licensee) or facilities (registrants). 

*Please note, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy is not the custodian of patient prescription records. To obtain prescription records,  submit a request to the Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) and/or contact the appropriate health care provider.

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Public Records Requests - Payment Required 

The Board of Pharmacy complies with the Oregon Public Records Law and responds to public record requests as soon as practicable. Upon receiving your public records request, Board of Pharmacy staff will contact you with an estimate of time based on the actual cost to produce the records, including the method of delivery costs such as a flash drive or paper copies sent via USPS.

The Board of Pharmacy provides the most frequently requested licensee data in standard formats. To order a standardized list, download and complete our List Order Form.

Payment is required prior to production of other records. The Board of Pharmacy waives a minimum of 30 minutes of staff time for all public records requests. 

Standard Fee Schedule   (per DAS Policy 107-001-030)  

1. First 30 minutes of staff time are waived

2. Beyond 30 minutes, staff time, including time spent for research, collection of records, review of exemptions, redactions, separations, photocopying and supervision of any on-site record inspection is charged as follows: 

    • Clerical Staff                       $25/hour
    • Managerial Staff                 $40/hour 
    • Professional Staff               $75/hour
    • DOJ, special attorney & other applicable legal fees: at the actual hourly rate charged for Public Records Request-related services. Fees are subject to statutory limitations described in ORS 192.440(4)(b)
The Board's Public Records Charges schedule is located in OAR 855-110-0015.

Email all public records request inquiries to

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