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Board Member Opportunities 

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy serves to promote and protect public health, safety and welfare by ensuring high standards in the practice of pharmacy and through effective regulation of the manufacture and distribution of drugs.  

Current Board Member Opportunities 

There are currently several opportunities available for interested persons to serve on the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy. 
The board encourages all interested and qualified individuals to apply as soon as possible, as the governor’s office may close the applicant pool without notice.

The board has the following member opportunities available:

  • One public member position 
  • One pharmacy technician member position
  • One public member position will be available for appointment or reappointment effective June 1, 2021 

Board Member Information

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy consists of nine Board Members, five members are licensed pharmacists, two are licensed pharmacy technicians and two are representatives of the public. The Governor appoints each member of the Board for a term of four years, subject to approval by the State Senate, and they may be reappointed.

  • Public Member
    • In order to qualify to serve as a public member, a person must be at least 18 years old, must not be a current or former member of or had any financial interest in the pharmacy profession, must not have current or past material financial interest in providing pharmacy services and must not have engaged in any activity directly related to the practice of pharmacy. The public member must not be the spouse, domestic partner, child, parent or sibling of a pharmacist. Any qualified Oregon citizen may apply for the public member position.
  • Pharmacist Member
    • In order to qualify to serve as a pharmacist member, a person must at the time of appointment be an Oregon resident, be licensed in good standing to practice pharmacy in the state, be engaged in the practice of pharmacy in Oregon and have at least five years experience in the practice of pharmacy in Oregon.
  • Pharmacy Technician Member
    • In order to qualify to serve as a pharmacy technician member, a person must at the time of appointment be an Oregon resident, be licensed and in good standing to perform the duties of a pharmacy technician in this state; and be engaged in the performance of the duties of a pharmacy technician in this state; and have at least three years of experience in performing the duties of a pharmacy technician in this state after licensure.

Additional Information
  • The time commitment for Board membership is significant. Board meetings are usually two consecutive days, seven times per year. Meetings are typically held on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  
  • Attendance
    • It's important that members attend all board meetings. A member shall be removed immediately from the board after missing three consecutive meetings without being excused.   
  • Preparation 
    • Preparing for each board meeting requires reviewing compliance case documents and other meeting materials. Occasionally, emergency or special meetings are held which may require additional preparation. Board membership may include periodic travel to meetings within Oregon and within the US. 
  • Compensation
    • Board members are eligible to receive a per diem of up to $100.00 per day for official board business unless employed in full time public service. Board members are eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred for Board business.
If you are qualified and interested in being considered for a position as a board member, contact the Governor’s Office of Executive Appointments directly at or call (503) 378-6829. 

Pharmacists may also express interest by contacting the Oregon State Pharmacy Association (OSPA) at or by calling 503-582-9055.

Agency Open Positions 

Visit Oregon Job Opportunities for current State of Oregon employment opportunities. 

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to a diverse work force. We respect, reflect and respond to the diverse people we serve

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