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Oregon Home Care Commission

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About Senate Bill 1534

Senate Bill 1534 was passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2018 and requires all homecare workers, personal supports workers, and personal care attendants to participate in training and testing (also known as assessments). These requirements set standards to make sure workers have the skills, knowledge and abilities to provide quality in-home services and supports funded by Medicaid or Oregon Project Independence. Being a homecare worker, personal support worker, or personal care attendants is a valued profession and training is important to career development and advancement. For more information, please read the Fact Sheets and FAQs below.

Required training for workers​​​

​Communications - Fact Sheets and FAQs

​​Community Partner Communication Toolkit​

As a valued community partner, you may be asked questions about Senate Bill 1534 and mandatory training for homecare and personal support workers and personal care attendants. We have prepared a toolkit to help you answer questions about mandatory training from members of the community. The toolkit includes talking points and contact information. Please feel free to share the materials found under the Communications section below.

Community Partner Talking Points
​​ ​​
​OHCC Training Curriculum Review Process

OHCC reviews and approves curriculum for required trainings for homecare and personal support workers to ensure they meet all quality standards.​

Senate Bill 1534​ Rule Advisory Committee
A Rule Advisory Committee made up of community partners, advocates, consum​​​ers, providers, SEIU and ODHS representatives was convened to review the rules impacted by Senate Bill 1534. Below, you will find the rules, meeting agendas, and meeting notes.​ ​​Senate Bill 1534 Steering Committee​

The Senate Bill 1534 Steering Committee consists of leadership from SEIU, APD and ODDS. The purpose of the committee is to make recommendations and decisions necessary to successfully implement Senate Bill 1534.​

Senate Bill 1534 Training Workgroup​

Stakeholders were invited to participate in a workgroup to develop recommendations for mandatory training and testing requirements for homecare and personal support workers. The workgroup started meeting in July 2018 and their final recommendations were presented to the Senate Bill 1534 Steering Committee in December 2018​

The workgroup developed several subgroups to focus on curriculum development, testing, and how OHCC​ certifications are impacted by Senate Bill 1534. The subgroup recommendations were presented to the larger training workgroup for consideration.​​​​​​