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Compliance Reviews

On-site compliance reviews assess how your agency is complying with federal and state laws, rules, requirements, and regulations. The goal of the Public Transit Section's Compliance Review Program is to improve agency compliance with required regulations while strengthening transit staff management abilities.

There are two types of site review:
  • Direct Provider Review for agencies that directly provide transit service (Direct Provider)
  • Pass-Through Review for agencies that give Federal Transit Administration funds to service providers (Pass-through Provider)

About Compliance Reviews

All compliance reviews have two parts:

  1. A desk review, conducted by the consultant based on data submitted by the transit agency.
  2. A one to two day site visit to the agency.

About the Direct-Provider Review

There are 10 areas of the direct-provider review:

  1. Program Management;
  2. Financial Management;
  3. Operations Management;
  4. Procurement;
  5. Use and Maintenance of Project Equipment;
  6. Civil Rights;
  7. Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA;
  8. Charter and School Bus;
  9. Special Transportation Fund;
  10. Miscellaneous Topics.

For complete information read the Direct Provider Compliance Field Guide

About the Pass-Through Provider Review

There are six areas of the pass-through provider review:

  1. Program Management;
  2. Financial Management;
  3. Procurement;
  4. Civil Rights;
  5. Special Transportation Fund;
  6. Other elements - Miscellaneous Topics.

For complete information read the Pass-Through Compliance Field Guide

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David Schwert
Compliance Program Coordinator

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