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Emergency Management Resources


The Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) works in the five mission areas of emergency management: Prevention, Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.

Disaster Assistance

Following a disaster, it is possible that federal disaster assistance, either individual assistance or public assistance, will become available.

Grant Opportunities

OEM provides grant opportunities to local and tribal jurisdictions that support preparedness and mitigation for these entities. These grant opportunities primarily are funded by FEMA.

Mutual Aid Resources

Emergencies often overwhelm the capability of local governments and cross jurisdictional boundaries. Intergovernmental coordination is essential for the protection of lives, property, the environment, and incident stabilization. This cooperation is essential for the maximum use of available resources. This cooperation occurs through Mutual Aid Agreements. 

Oregon Emergency Preparedness Workshop 

The Oregon Emergency Preparedness Workshop provides the opportunity for partners in emergency management, public safety, and health preparedness to network, learn new lessons and best practices, and information on programs and current issues related to all phases of emergency management. 

Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS)

The Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS) is a 24/7 response system that gives local and tribal jurisdictions a way to get hold of the state during times of emergency or disasters to request assistance.

Plans and Assessments

OEM uses several types of documents to assess plans used to respond and mitigate threats and hazards that the state faces. These documents can be found at our Plans and Assessments page.

State Exercise Program

Exercises play a vital role in national preparedness by enabling whole community stakeholders to test and validate plans and capabilities, and identify both capability gaps and areas for improvement.

State Training Program

Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates national training programs and provides training services throughout the state. These instruction programs enhance capabilities of the response communities for all hazards.

Toolkits for Emergency Managers

OEM has created several toolkits to help local and tribal emergency managers with developing continuity of operations plans and communicating hazard-specific disaster event information.

If you are unsure who to ask or how to get help, talk to the Response and Preparedness Regional Coordinator responsible for your jurisdiction.

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