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Nonprofit Security Grant Program

2024 Nonprofit Security Grant Program Updates

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) is a federally funded program. This means Oregon is not able to announce any updates or application dates until Congress passes, and the President signs an appropriations bill to fund federal government agencies and programs. At that time, FEMA will release a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the next grant cycle. OEM will soon thereafter, release information to non-profits. Please sign up for updates to be notified when the next round of funding is available.

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There are two key steps you must complete to apply for NSGP funds.

  1. Register to apply with OEM, details to follow release of the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).
  2. Complete your application and submit it to OEM. FY24 dates are to be determined

OEM will provide application instructions and forms when FEMA provides them. For planning purposes, you can reference the documents listed in the "Application Process" dropdown below. 

*To see the contents of the "Application Process" documents, download the files directly to your computer and use the PDF Viewer software installed on your system (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader) to open it. 

For program questions contact:

Kevin Jeffries, Grant Coordinator
Oregon Department of Emergency Management

Yu Chen, Grants Accountant
Oregon Department of Emergency Management

Program Overview

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) is one of three grant programs that focus on enhancing the ability of state, local, tribal and territorial governments, as well as nonprofits, to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks. These grant programs are part of a comprehensive set of measures authorized by Congress and implemented by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help strengthen the nation's communities against potential terrorist attacks. NSGP supports the goal to Strengthen National Preparedness and Resilience (DHS/FEMA, (2021).

The NSGP also supports the goals of 'Building a Culture of Preparedness' and 'Readying the Nation for Catastrophic Disasters.' We invite our stakeholders and partners to also adopt these priorities and join us in building a more prepared and resilient state and nation.

In Oregon, the NSGP is implemented in two ways:

  1. Nonprofit Security Grant Program - Urban Area (NSGP-UA): NSGP-UA funds nonprofit organizations located within Oregon's Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)-designated Urban Areas
  2. Nonprofit Security Grant Program - State (NSGP-S): Under NSGP-S, each state will receive a target allocation for nonprofit organizations located outside Oregon's UASI-designated Urban Areas

The NSGP provides funding for physical security enhancements and other security-related activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack. The NSGP also seeks to integrate the preparedness activities of nonprofit organizations with broader state and local preparedness efforts.

Given the evolving threat landscape, DHS/FEMA continuously evaluates the national risk profile and sets priorities that help ensure the appropriate allocation of scarce security dollars. In assessing the national risk profile, one area attracts the most concern: Enhancing the protection of soft targets/crowded places.

Likewise, several enduring security needs crosscut the homeland security enterprise. The following are second-tier priorities that help recipients implement a comprehensive approach to securing communities: 

  1. Effective planning
  2. Training and awareness campaigns
  3. Exercises

Eligible nonprofit organizations are those organizations described under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, Title 26 of the U.S.C., and exempt from tax under section 501(a) of such Code.

Refer to the links below for additional information:

Allowable costs are focused on security-related activities. Funding can be used for security-related planning; exercises; training; contracted security personnel; and the acquisition and installation of security equipment on real property (including buildings and improvements) owned or leased by the nonprofit organization at the time of application. Equipment is limited to two sections of items on the Authorized Equipment List (AEL): Physical Security Enhancement Equipment (Section 14) and Inspection and Screening Systems (Section 15). To review these sections, please visit the FEMA website.

Certain costs for training of nonprofit staff and members/congregants are also permitted. Allowable training topics are limited to the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources, including physical and cybersecurity, target hardening, and terrorism awareness/employee preparedness. Training conducted using NSGP funds must address a specific threat or vulnerability, as identified in the nonprofit organization's investment justification (IJ) in the application process.​​

All potential applicants must register to apply by the published deadline to register. Those that have registered and are eligible to apply will be contacted by OEM and provided instructions on how and by when to complete their application.

Applications are submitted to OEM, not directly to FEMA. OEM will review and score all applications and then submit all applications to FEMA for final review. 

Applications must be recieved to the published deadline.​​

​ Required Application Documents (examples)

All complete applications will be reviewed by the state grant review committee. The committee's recommendations will be submitted to FEMA, which makes final decisions about which projects are funded.​

Additional Resources

FEMA explains EHP screening (video)