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Tools for Oregon Health Plan providers

Providers: Apply for federal Provider Relief Fund payments by Sep. 13, 2020

The federal Department of Health and Human Services expects to distribute approximately $15 billion to eligible Medicaid/CHIP providers who have not yet received a payment from the Provider Relief Fund General Distribution.

Learn more on the Provider Relief Fund website. Look for "6 Steps for Applying for Phase 2 General Distribution Funding for Medicaid, CHIP, Dental and Certain Medicare Providers."

Need to find out if you are on Oregon's list of Medicaid organizations and providers? Search the list now (use Ctrl-F to search by name).

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Use the Search field to find the tool you need. For example, enter "guide" to view all provider guides, "claim" or "billing" to view tools related to claims or billing, or "APC" to view all ambulatory payment classification (APC) tools.

Need help? If you can't find what you need on this page or in the "Important Links," see our provider contacts list, and the list at the bottom of this page. If you need help with approval or payment for services to a CCO member, contact the CCO.

Recent provider updates

To view all recent OHP announcements, visit our Announcements page.

Applies To
9/17/2020Fee-for-Service Dental Incentive Program ends September 30, 2020Dental providers
9/11/2020Replacement of durable medical equipment, supplies, and prescription drugs in event of natural disastersDurable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, Pharmacies
9/11/2020Data Requested for Year One Review of Adult Mental Health Residential Standardized Rates AMH-licensed residential treatment providers
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Forms and publications

View OHP Billing Tips or the provider guidelines for your program for more information about provider forms. Find forms for enrolling as an OHP provider on our Provider Enrollment page.

  • Click the "Form and Description" heading to sort or select by Form. You can also sort or select by Language.
  • To view all OHP forms and publications, visit our Forms page.
OHA 6625OHA 6625 - Order Form for ApplicationsEnglish
OHP 2410OHP 2410 - Newborn NotificationEnglish
OHP 1074OHP 1074 - Prior Authorization for Out-of-State ServicesEnglish
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Questions and answers for OHP providers

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Need help?

Registration, technical assistance for electronic data interchange (EDI) trading partners
Becoming an OHP provider or updating your information
Provider Enrollment – 800-336-6016 (option 6); also visit our Provider Enrollment page​
Fee-for-service medical and dental prior authorization requests
PA Line - 800-336-6016 (option 3) or 503-945-6821
Nurse advice, and information about available providers, for members not in an OHP medical plan
OHP Care Coordination - 800-562-4620
Mailing addresses
Determining OHP coverage for specific condition / treatment pairs
OHP Code Pairing and Prioritized List Hotline - 800-336-6016 (option 4) or 503-945-5939
Complex billing questions, appeals and requests for claim reconsideration
Provider Services – 800-336-6016 (option 5, then 2)
Fee-for-service pharmacy prior authorization requests
Oregon Pharmacy Call Center - 888-202-2126
Direct deposit​
DHS|OHA Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Coordinator - 503-945-6872
Report client or provider fraud over the phone or online.​
DHS Fraud Hotline: 888-FRAUD01 (888-372-8301)
​Report third-party liability (TPL) to DHS/OHA
​Provider Web Portal password resets
​See our troubleshooting tips and other Provider Web Portal resources. If you still need help, contact Provider Services - 800-336-6016 (option 5, then 1)

​Behavioral health prior authorization requests

Phone: 844-658-1729
Fax: 844-673-8034

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