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Policy attachments

A Serious Health Cond attachment final2013
B Parental Leave attachment 2013
C Sick Child leave attachment 2013
D Military Caregiver Leave attachment 2013
E Qualifying Exigency Leave Attachment 2013
F Military Family Leave attachement 2013
G Bereavement leave attachmentfinal 2013
PD Medical Certification PD 615A
PD Military Healthcare Certification PD 615B
PD Qualifying Exigency Certification PD 615C
US DOL poster, Employee Rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act


Calculating FMLA and OFLA worksheet
Employee Information Packet A - Serious Health, Parental Leave, etc
Employee Information Packet B - Military Caregiver
Employee Information Packet C - Qualifying Exigency and Military Family Leave
Insurance Self Pay Payroll Letter
Optional Insurance continuation chart
OSPA Reference Manual
Sample Cure Deficiency Medical Certification Letter
Sample Designation Letter
Sample Eligibility Denial Letter
Sample Eligibility Response
Sample Fitness for Duty Certification
Understanding Family and Medical Leave Brochure
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