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Employee resources and state workforce


​The following trainings are available to all Executive Branch employees through Workday Learning. Employees are encouraged to work with their supervisor to complete these optional online self-led trainings: 

Physical building enhancements
Agencies may purchase items/services to enhance their building safety. While these items are available for agencies – it is at each agency discretion and budget for purchase. Refer to the linked purchase reference sheets below for more information:

Agency procurement departments can assist for with purchase of the items above. Agencies in DAS owned buildings will also need to submit a project authorization request​

*Consult with your agency IT departments for additional planning and implementation strategies.

  • Incident response manual template​: The purpose of this template is to assist agencies in delveoping and documenting their own procedures to respond to safety incidents in the workplace. 
  • Building security planning checklist: Use this document as one of the tools in assessing current conditions in planning a holistic security strategy and solutions for your building or space.
  • Facilities operation checklist: This checklist includes a list of baseline considerations agencies may want to reassess regularly.​