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​Site summary

The Astoria Marine Construction Company, or AMCCO, site is contaminated with hazardous chemicals from historical ship manufacturing and repair operations. Contamination is in soil on the property and in nearby riverbed sediment in the Lewis and Clark River near the mouth of the Columbia River.

In coordination with AMCCO, tribal governments, and a community advisory group, DEQ selected a remedy in 2017 to clean up contamination on the site and in the adjacent riverbed. AMCCO will implement the cleanup remedy with DEQ oversight.

AMCCO has started demolishing activities of onsite buildings and structures in preparation of performing the selected cleanup later in 2020. AMCCO has obtained all the necessary permits and the cleanup will occur from July 2020 to November 2020.

The contractor estimates that there will be between one and ten truck trips per day between Highway 101 and the site during construction of the remedy to take contaminated soil to a certified landfill and bring in new, clean material (sand and gravel).

Project updates will be posted here. More resources are provided below. If you have additional questions, you can reach out to the DEQ Project Manager, Erin McDonnell.

Additional information

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​Environmental Cleanup Site Information Number:   1898
County:  Clatsop
City:  Astoria
Region: Northwest 


Project Manager: Erin McDonnell
Phone: 503-229-6900
Astoria Marine Construction