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Schedule a file review

File reviews are done by appointment only. Please contact each section individually to review files. We try to accommodate multiple section file reviews but due to the high volume of requests, please use the phone number or email below to receive confirmation.

To obtain site information before scheduling a file review, you can visit Facility Profiler to get the file number, or you can obtain Site Summary reports from the following databases: Environmental Cleanup Site Information, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Water Quality Limited Streams and Permitted Facilities.

  • DEQ public records rules
  • ECSI record request fax form
  • Directions to the Northwest Region Portland office

Northwest Region file review contacts:

  • Air Quality: Susan Curry, 503-229-5554
  • Asbestos: Susan Patterson, 503-667-8414 x 55022
  • Environmental Cleanup Site Information: Brent Funk, 503-229-5321
  • Hazardous and Solid Waste: Holly Pence, 503-229-5353
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tanks and Underground Storage Tanks: Brent Funk, 503-229-5321
  • Water Quality: Diana Adams, 503-229-5552.