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Upland Source Control


The Portland Harbor Joint Source Control Strategy identifies, evaluates and prioritizes upland sources of contamination that are affecting or may affect the Willamette River in the Portland Harbor area.

Watch the Portland Harbor Source Control video to learn about what’s been done to control contaminants along the riverbanks. This work ensures that once the cleanup of the riverbed sediment begins, the river will not be re-contaminated.

Visit DEQ on YouTube to view short segments of the full Portland Harbor video.   


Progress reports

DEQ reports the progress of upland source control work through periodic Milestone Reports to EPA. Reports are available below.


On March 30, 2020, DEQ released a new report on upland source control progress at the Portland Harbor Superfund site that supports EPA-led sediment cleanup actions moving forward. The report describes the overall strategy for investigating and controlling discharges of potentially contaminated stormwater into Portland Harbor to protect EPA’s in-water sediment remedy. The report demonstrates that 20 years of upland source control efforts have been effective in reducing contaminant loads in stormwater and explains factors unique to lands surrounding Portland Harbor. Together these significantly reduce the potential for recontamination through stormwater. In addition, on-going programs for stormwater control and effectiveness monitoring will continue downward trends in pollutants in stormwater and allow for agile response to any emerging threats of recontamination.


If you have questions about the Joint Source Control Strategy or Milestone Reports, please contact:
Dave Lacey
Portland Harbor Source Control Coordinator