Over the next two years, many of DEQ’s regulatory programs will be modernizing to the new online system Your DEQ Online. This effort is moving forward in three phases. The estimation for completion of the first phase is the third quarter of 2020. The second phase completion is estimated to be the end of the first quarter of 2021, and the third and last phase will be complete by the end of the second quarter in 2021.
List of Programs and estimated completion dates:
​Phase 1: End of 3rd Quarter in 2020 ​Phase 2: 1st Quarter in 2021 Phase 3: End of 2nd Quarter in 2021​
  • Gasoline Transporter Cert.
  • Asbestos Program
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting for Electric and Natural Gas
  • Industrial & Construction Stormwater
  • Underground Injection Control
  • 401 Certification


  • Hazardous Waste
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  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Solid Waste Permits
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Service Provider and Supervisor Licensing
    for Underground Storage Tanks & Heating Oil Tanks
  • WPCF Onsite Installer & Maintenance Provider Certification
  • Wastewater Operator Certification
  • Onsite Septic Sewage Disposal Service (SDS)
  • WPCF Onsite Permits
  • NPDES & WPCF General Permit
  • NPDES & WPCF Individual Permits
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  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting for Permitted Sources
  • Air Contaminant Discharge Permits
  • Title V Permit Program
  • Area Source Registration Permits
  • Emissions Inventory Reporting
Agency-wide Services
  • Complaints System
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