Diesel exhaust poses a serious health risk to Oregonians, particularly in urban areas and close to highways and major roads. Diesel exhaust has also been identified as a significant greenhouse gas contributing to climate change.

Living Diesel video

Living Diesel

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Informative and entertaining documentary on diesel, causes and solutions; filmed in Portland, Oregon by Savannah Teller-Brown.

Sources of diesel exhaust

In Oregon, on-road heavy duty diesel trucks and diesel construction equipment is the largest source of diesel exhaust. Diesel engines are used extensively throughout Oregon and the United States because of their well-founded reputation for reliability, durability, power and fuel efficiency.

Oregon Clean Diesel Initiative

To address the concerns of diesel pollution, DEQ formed the Oregon Clean Diesel Initiative, a multifaceted, non-regulatory approach focused on accelerating the benefits of a clean diesel strategy, including financial assistance in the form of federal grants. The program provides incentives and assistance to diesel fleet owners and
operators seeking to reduce diesel emissions.


Oregon Clean Diesel Initiative and Grants (includes technical assistance)