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EPA's National Clean Diesel Campaign periodically solicits proposals for the National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program funded through the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act program. 

For projects with a material benefit to Oregonians, DEQ will assist in developing proposals to improve the competitiveness of any project. Assistance may include proposal drafting, project design, partner recruitment, application assistance and technical analysis in support of the proposal.

Now is the time to consider how you can take advantage of this opportunity to become a cleaner diesel operation. Grant guidelines for eligible projects may change from year to year (see Federal Grants information below). Other considerations like cost effectiveness, size of the impact, other partners playing significant financial and supportive roles are key factors in determining which projects are ultimately funded.

The request for proposals is updated every year, but applicants are encouraged to carefully review previous RFPs for ideas on eligible projects, technologies, and funding restrictions.

Federal grants

Eligible diesel emission reduction solutions include verified emission control technologies such as retrofit devices, cleaner fuels, and engine upgrades, verified idle reduction technologies, verified aerodynamic technologies and low rolling resistance tires, certified engine repowers, and/or vehicle or equipment replacement.

Eligible diesel vehicles, engines and equipment may include buses, medium-duty or heavy-duty trucks, marine engines, locomotives and non-road engines, equipment or vehicles used in construction, handling of cargo (including at a port or airport), agriculture, mining or energy production (including stationary generators and pumps).

Only eligible entities can apply for these grants. Private parties can still receive grant funds by forming partnerships with these successful grant recipients. Eligible entities include port authorities, regional, state, local or tribal government agencies (or intertribal consortia) and nonprofit organizations or institutions that:

  1. Represent or provide pollution reduction or educational services to persons or organizations that own or operate diesel fleets or
  2. Have, as their principal purpose, the promotion of transportation or air quality.


State grants

State grants are not currently available.

Clean diesel service providers

DEQ maintains a list of manufacturer authorized Clean Diesel Service Providers. This list is not a recommendation from DEQ, and DEQ does not guarantee the work of the listed facilities; it is a guide of facilities that meet minimum experience and equipment requirements. Consumers are responsible for screening the facility to ensure they can perform the services according to their needs.

Forms and guidance 

State grant regulations


Oregon Clean Diesel Initiative and Grants  
Includes technical assistance


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