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Clean Fuels Program Information for Verifiers

This page provides important information for those who are qualified, or wish to become qualified, as verifiers for Oregon's Clean Fuels Program.

Important deadlines:

  • Quarterly fuel transaction reports due - 90 days after end of each quarter
  • Fuel pathway reports due - March 31
  • Annual reports due - April 30
  • Verification statements due - August 31

How do I become a verifier?

To become a verifier for CFP, you will need to be accredited by the California Air Resources Board in the areas for which you intend to perform verification, as indicated in the below chart. You will also need to take and pass qualification exams for Oregon qualification.

CFP Activities

  • Course 1: General (Mandatory) requires CARB accreditation for Non Lead Verifier or Lead Verifier
  • Course 2: Fuel Pathways requires CARB accreditation for Lead LCFS Verifier for Fuel Pathways
  • Course 3: Quarterly Transaction Reports requires CARB accreditation for Lead LCFS Verifier for Alternative Fuel Transactions

DEQ opens a new training and exams period for CFP verifiers annually; when applications become available, they will appear on this page. CFP is not accepting verifier applications at this time.