Oregon Clean Fuels Program

The Clean Fuels Program aims to reduce the lifecycle carbon intensity of the transportation fuels that Oregon uses. That means the program has to measure the total emissions per unit of energy for many different fuels, which it accomplishes through the framework created by the Oregon GREET model. Each individual transportation fuel has a ‘fuel pathway’ that describes how it is made and delivered to Oregon for use in vehicles, and each pathway is assigned its own unique carbon intensity value.
The carbon intensity values for the program are expressed in grams of carbon dioxide equivalents per megajoule of energy (gCO2e/MJ).
There are three ways for a business to obtain a carbon intensity value for use in the Clean Fuels Program: 

  1. If the fuel has a carbon intensity value approved by the California Air Resources Board, the fuel producer can apply to DEQ to accept that value with modifications as needed to reflect its destination to Oregon. The fuel producer can submit the application packet sent to CARB, the CARB approval letter, and the CA-GREET 3.0 spreadsheet modified to reflect the transportation mode and distance to Oregon as opposed to California. Fuel producers can submit their fuel pathway applications through the Oregon Fuels Reporting System.​
  2. If the fuel does not have a carbon intensity value from CARB, then the fuel produce can submit their fuel pathway to DEQ for certification. DEQ has developed a series of simplified calculators for well-understood fuel types and a modified version of the GREET model for more complex fuel pathways, available below. Fuel producers can submit their fuel pathway applications through the Oregon Fules Reporting System.  
  3. There are some default carbon intensity values in the rules that can be used for generic fuels such as electricity and fossil natural gas in Table 4 under OAR 340-253-8010.
  4. There are also some  temporary values that can be used until a fuel pathway applied for under option 2 is certified in Table 9 under OAR 340-253-8010.

Access the Oregon Fuels Reporting System

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OR-GREET 3.0 Calculators


For more information on this program, call 503-229-5388 (toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-4011, ext. 5388) or email Oregon Clean Fuels.