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Backstop Aggregator

The Oregon Clean Fuels Program reduces the carbon intensity of transportation fuels through a market-based system based on the exchange of credits. Carbon intensity refers to the amount of carbon emitted throughout the entire lifecycle of a fuel. Electricity used as a transportation fuel generates credits and utilities, EV charger owners, and transit agencies can sell these credits into the CFP market. 

For individuals who charge their electric vehicles at home, it is their utility that collects the EV credits most of the time. But it doesn’t always make sense for a small municipal or rural utility or an electric cooperative to do so for their EV-owning customers so the Clean Fuels Program uses a backstop aggregator to make sure that all eligible electric vehicle credits are collected, sold, and reinvested back into Oregon.

DEQ selected the Forth Mobility Fund to be the backstop aggregator and works with them to collect those unclaimed credits and design programs that promote and support transportation electrification across the state. Since 2018, DEQ has invested more than $2 million in programs to expand statewide consumer outreach, engage utilities on the benefits of electric vehicles, and implement pilot projects in targeted areas of the state.

2020 Annual Report - Forth Mobility Fund

This report summarizes Forth’s second full year of work as the Backstop Aggregator. This work was divided between the following four areas:

  1. Statewide Consumer Engagement
  2. Utility Engagement
  3. Focused Local Programs
  4. Program Administration
Over the course of 2020, Forth facilitated over 3,100 virtual impressions and engagements, over 200 in-person test drives before COVID-19, and over 600 in-person engagements through consumer engagement events and activities. We engaged with over 25 Oregon utilities and over 20 employers from across the state.


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