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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this Frequently Asked Questions document is to help regulated parties navigate the combined reporting (Clean Fuels Program and Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program) in the Oregon Fuels Reporting System and other reporting requirements of the Clean Fuels Program. This document is compiled from questions DEQ staff have received and it will be updated periodically. It is intended to provide a reader-friendly discussion of how to report but is not a complete recounting of the requirements. All parties reporting are responsible for understanding and fully complying with the requirements in Divisions 253.

Questions are presented in Bold, while the answers underneath are in normal text with occasional bold or underlined text for emphasis. This document is organized by chapters that separate reporting topics. Chapter 1 covers reporting questions for liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, renewable diesel, and their components. Chapter 2 covers electricity reporting, chapter 3 covers fossil and renewable natural gas reporting, chapter 4 covers fossil and renewable propane reporting, and chapter 5 covers hydrogen reporting. Chapter 6 covers fuel supply equipment registration.