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Oregon 319 Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants Application

Fiscal year 2019

Oregon’s 2019 319 Non-Point Source Implementation Request for Proposals was released on March 15, 2019.

Starting this year, Oregon’s 319 grant program is focusing non-point source grant funds on watersheds that meet the nine key elements of the EPA’s Watershed Based Plan (WBP) strategy.
EPA requires a WBP or acceptable alternative plan, to implement any on-the-ground project with Section 319 NPS implementation Grant funds. For the 2019 cycle DEQ has reviewed and approved plans from a limited number of watersheds that meet the criteria. The approved plans and associated areas are listed in Section C of the RFP.
Please refer to the RFP documentation:


Ivan Camacho, 319 Grants Program Coordinator, 503-229-5088