Water Quality Programs

Oregon 319 Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants Application

Fiscal year 2020

The Oregon 319 Grant Program for the 2020 fiscal year begins on March 16, 2020 with the release of the 2020 Request for Proposals. We invite proposals submittals for the implementation of a watershed-based plan as referenced in the priorities outlined in the RFP. The application period closes on May 8, 2020.

Please refer to the RFP and application information for submitting your application and eligibility.

The following application and reference materials are as follows:

  1. Oregon Section 319 NPS Implementation Grants RFP and Application Information
  2. Checklist as a summary of the application components
  3. Fillable Application Form
    Please use to submit your project proposal request.
  4. Oregon Twelve-Digit Hydrological Unit Area Codes
    Please identify the 12 digit code of the location of your project proposal and include in your application
  5. Grant Agreement and GRTS Project Report samples (as referenced in the RFP)


Ivan Camacho
319 Grants Coordinator
700 NE Multnomah Street, Suite 600
Portland, OR 97232