Water Quality Programs

Biosolids management plan

All domestic wastewater treatment facilities that apply biosolids to the land must operate under a biosolids management plan that has been reviewed and approved by DEQ.  The plan is specific to each facility and serves as the administrative tool to guide the production, treatment, storage, transportation, and land application of biosolids for beneficial use.

  • Biosolids Management Plan Evaluation Checklist (under review)
  • Biosolids Management Plan Template [PDF]  [DOC]

Site authorization letter

A site authorization letter is issued by DEQ regional water quality staff and is required prior to land application at a particular site.  The letter specifies conditions for land application, including crop requirements, biosolids application rates, seasonal restrictions, setback distances to roads, wells, and water sources, and other pertinent site management information.

Soil information is needed to determine the suitability of a site for biosolids land application.  Information from a soil survey should be attached to the site authorization request.

Biosolids annual report

All water quality permittees in Oregon that land apply biosolids, or sell or give away biosolids derived products for distribution and marketing during a calendar year are required to submit an annual report to DEQ.  The annual report is due by February 19 of the following year and must include specific information on biosolids management and land application activities.