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Oregon Historical Mining Information

Commodities Records

The digital records available here are scans of the literature originally found in DOGAMI published and unpublished hardcopy holdings. Scans have been combined into single PDFs that may include maps, letters, news clippings, photographs, and reports.

This digital archive is evolving. Please contact us if you have suggestions or find errors. The valiant scanning persistence of Tomas Benson is gratefully acknowledged.

Disclaimer: Mining sites are included for informational purposes only and should not be used to infer acceptable or permitted land use actions. Interested parties should contact their local land use authority to verify zoning and applicable land use ordinances. Respect the rights of private property owners. Understand that recreation in or around inactive mine sites is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Stay out and stay alive! No warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the accuracy or utility of the data on any other system or for general or scientific purposes, nor shall the act of distribution constitute any such warranty. The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data described and/or contained herein.



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PDF File Size
36027 KB
Aggregate 8384 KB
Aluminum 25176 KB
Asbestos 50485 KB
Barite 1029 KB
Basalt 5507 KB
Bauxite 261463 KB
Bentonite 31087 KB
Black Sand 22356 KB
Borax 2171 KB
Cadmium 449 KB
Calcite 79980 KB
Cement 1988 KB
Ceramics 3400 KB
Chrome 42063 KB
Coal 136947 KB
Cobalt 488 KB
Copper 28644 KB
Diatomite 11581 KB
Ferroalloy 874 KB
Fluorine 730 KB
Fossils 24292 KB
Foundry Sand 35223 KB
Gemstones 19608 KB
Geothermal 2469 KB
Germanium and Galladium 5995 KB
Gold 127588 KB
Graphite 1121 KB
Groundwater 4983 KB
Gypsum 4792 KB
Industrial Minerals 8085 KB
Iron 109802 KB
Josephinite 6341 KB
Lazulite 3409 KB
Lead 8013 KB
Lime 12131 KB
Limestone 49249 KB
Lithium 246 KB
Lost Mines 3825 KB
Magnesium 437 KB
Magnitite 62920 KB
Manganese 21506 KB
Mercury 16550 KB
Metallurgical 4399 KB
Meteorites 17505 KB
Mineral Wool 1214 KB
Miscellaneous Commodities 10129 KB
Molybdenum 226 KB
Natural Gas 1501 KB
Nickel 37301 KB
Nitrate 3866 KB
Obsidian 3024 KB
Oil 22546 KB
Perlite 12012 KB
Petrified Wood 3880 KB
Phosphates 23506 KB
Pigments 25005 KB
Platinum 2833 KB
Pozzolan 15569 KB
Rare Earths 4643 KB
Benton County Rock Resources 10277 KB
Clackamas County Rock Resources 3503 KB
Columbia County Rock Resources 3341 KB
Curry County Rock Resources 1771 KB
Rock Resources Demand 1643 KB
Rock Deposit 3621 KB
Miscellaneous Rock Resources 9666 KB
Hood River County Rock Resources 9938 KB
Lane County Rock Resources 3456 KB
Linn County Rock Resources 5106 KB
Marion County Rock Resources 1431 KB
Oregon Coast Rock Resources 1441 KB
Portland Rock Resources 57019 KB
Washington County Rock Resources 984 KB
Sandstone 7710 KB
Shale 8145 KB
Silica 83224 KB
Silicon 4945 KB
Silver 3614 KB
Soda Ash 2763 KB
Steel 6348 KB
Stone, part 1 25720 KB
Stone, part 2 23100 KB
Stone, part 3 26032 KB
Stone, part 4 30328 KB
Stone, part 5 34431 KB
Stone, part 6 28688 KB
Stone, part 7 7719 KB
Sulfur 17712 KB
Sunstones 56764 KB
Talc 37670 KB
Telluride 325 KB
Tellurium 2087 KB
Thundereggs 7713 KB
Timber 35598 KB
Tin, part 1 36356 KB
Tin, part 2 31825 KB
Tin, part 3 34625 KB
Tin, part 4 31351 KB
Tin, part 5 31984 KB
Titanium 6249 KB
Tuff Stone 729 KB
Tungsten 4664 KB
Uranium 48098 KB
Zinc 16260 KB