Promoting Excellence in Public Safety    

There are two components of the DPSST Mission that work together to achieve excellence in Oregon's Criminal Justice public safety professions -- delivering quality training and implementing professional standards as set by the Board.  Training helps public safety providers protect lives and ensure the integrity of Oregon's criminal justice system and the public safety community.  Developing standards ensures that officers continually meet the physical, emotional, moral, intellectual and fitness standards for all public safety disciplines.   

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DPSST CJ Update October 31 2018
CJ Update--Police FTM May 10 2019
CJ Update June 11 2019
CJ Update - November 5 2019


DPSST Records
Criminal Justice Officer Records are available online via the CJ IRIS Link.  Records include the officer's training, employment, certification, and education history.  Please direct any questions regarding the information contained here to the CJ Certification Unit at 503-378-4411 or email

For public records requests, please email