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Other Training

National Highway Institute

The National Highway Institute has made 180 online courses available, now at no cost.  They have topics dealing with materials, bridges, asphalt, concrete, paving, maintenance, pavement preservation, etc.  You can browse the NHI online courses at their website.  Browse the courses by choosing the web-based training (WBT) option.  Get excited about a few courses. Then, use this flyer for instructions on how to link up with NHI and get started.  

Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ (AASHTO) Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3) have free online offerings in construction, materials, maintenance, traffic and safety, pavement preservation, and employee development. Use this flyer for instructions to get started.

Oregon Skills Demo and Safety Conference

This annual event is a three-day opportunity for city, county, and state road maintenance workers to attend training classes and to show off their heavy equipment operating abilities.

The classes are focused on skills and knowledge relevant to road maintenance personnel while the roadeo portion allows operators to demonstrate their skills in operating a backhoe, plowing, operating a loader in tight situations, operating a grader, installing chains, and performing pre-trip inspections. The competition is judged and prizes are awarded to the top operators in each area -- with the overall top scorer taking home the "Top Gun" trophy.

  • Takes place mid-September each year. (The 2020 event has been cancelled, due to COVID-19.)

See the Skills Demo website for registration and further information.

NW Public Works Institute

We partner with the American Public Works Association to host the NW Public Works Institute, a leadership program focused on providing public works professionals with the skills needed to advance in supervisory and management positions. Registration is provided through APWA.

Each of the three courses consists of 30 hours of instruction over a four day period. Completion of 90 hours is recognized with a certificate of completion awarded by the Northwest Public Works Institute and National APWA.

Public Works Leadership

Learn process, planning, and people skills for the public works administrator

Public Works Essentials

Learn the nuts and bolts of public works management

The Developing Leader

Develop the practical skills required by the emerging leader

For more information, visit the APWA site.

Preventive Maintenance for Roadway Surfaces

Offered every other year in the Spring, this one and a half day workshop is for maintenance crew members, first-line supervisors, engineering technicians, construction inspectors, and those responsible for preventive maintenance and repair of roads and streets.

Instruction provides up-to-date training that improves agencies' ability to provide or specify quality maintenance of roads and streets. Current industry standards and information are provided on a variety of surface treatment types and procedures. Normally, 1.1 general CEUs are awarded for full attendance.

For more information, visit the APWA site.

Street Maintenance and Collection Systems Schools

Each Spring and Fall, we partner with the American Public Works Association to offer a two and a half day school for road maintenance and wastewater collections systems personnel of all levels. Four tracks of professional and technical development sessions are offered, as well as exhibits and displays. CEUs are generally available for attending the full schedule of classes.

Scholarships are available. See the APWA web site for details.

For more information, visit the APWA site.

The fall 2020 session has been cancelled. Next year's sessions have been scheduled for:

  • April 12-15, 2021 in Seaside
  • October 26-28, 2021 in Newport

Miscellaneous Training

Bridge Maintenance Training for Local Agency Bridge Crews and Supervisors

A team of bridge maintenance practitioners from ODOT and OACES have prepared a two-day course titled, “Oregon Highway Bridge Maintenance Training”.  The in person instruction and web-based self-guided instruction is geared toward the needs of Local Agency and DOT bridge maintenance workers and engineers. Course participants will find coverage of specific areas of concern about their bridges with detailed presentations of specific techniques, as well as an overview of maintenance issues throughout the two-day Course.   In-person training courses containing hands-on demonstrations of repair techniques are planned to be offered in March of odd-numbered years. Contact Holly Winston, ODOT for more information.

The next course is scheduled for March 2021.

Bridge Maintenance Presentations

The following presentations are from the Bridge Maintenance Training for Local Agency classes held in 2019. Agencies are free to use them as they wish. The classes will be presented again in person in 2021.

Historical Perspective on Bridge Preservation
Bridge Components and Elements




Concrete Patching
Bridge Hits
Specialty Bridge Maintenance Equipment
Inspection and Load Rating Report Review
When do you need an Engineered Design

Deck Joints

Bearing Maintenance and Replacement
Environmental Issues for Maintenance
Temporary Bridges



Steel Repairs



Deck Sealing and Thin Overlays
Asphalt Wearing Surfacing and Membranes
  • PowerPoint
Timber Preventive Maintenance
Timber Deck Replacement

Timber Cap and Pile Repair
FRP Strengthening
  • PowerPoint

Day 1 Summary and Review


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