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Verification Site Visit Information

General Information

PCPCH recognition is based on a self-attestation model with a relatively low administrative burden for clinics. This approach has likely contributed to robust participation in the program; greater than 70% of primary care clinics in Oregon are recognized as a PCPCH.

The fidelity of a self-attestation model relies on a strong verification procedure. Therefore, PCPCH program staff conduct site visits to recognized primary care homes across the state. To date more than 400 clinics have received a verification site visit. The purpose of the verification site visit is threefold:

  1. Verification that the clinic practice and patient experience accurately reflects the standards and measures attested to when the clinic was recognized as a PCPCH;
  2. Assessment of the care delivery and team transformation process in the clinic to understand how the intent of the patient-centered model of care is integrated into the services the primary care home provides; and
  3. Collaboration to identify clinic needs, barriers to implementation and areas of improvement needed to help practices successfully implement PCPCH standards.

Site Visit Resources

These resources are for PCPCHs that have been selected for a verification site visit from the PCPCH program.

Videos to Help You Prepare

PCPCH Site Visit Team

The PCPCH site visit team includes a compliance specialist, a practice enhancement specialist, and a clinical transformation consultant. Team members have extensive experience in practice transformation and implementation of primary care home standards. 

The Verification Specialist (VS) is the primary contact for the clinic before the site visit, and assists the clinics with scheduling and preparing for the site visit. The role of the VS is to review documentation to verify that the clinic is meeting the standards attested to in its PCPCH application. During the site visit the VS interviews front office staff, quality improvement teams and clinic leadership. The VS also conducts a chart review with a clinician or other clinic staff member.

The role of the Improvement Specialist (IS) is to observe and verify the functionality of attested to PCPCH standards during the site visit, and provide technical assistance to the clinic. The PES disseminates tools and strategies for clinical transformation to the PCPCH and serves as a practice coach for up to six months following the site visit.

The Clinical Transformation Consultant (CTC) is a provider with extensive experience in practice transformation and the primary care home model. The CTC provides a clinical and quality improvement based perspective on PCPCH transformation. Having a CTC participate in the verification site visit provides clinicians the opportunity to learn from a peer how to overcome barriers and foster progress in transforming their practices. The CTC is available to assist the clinic for up to six months following the site visit.


The best site visit by the state I have ever experienced in my professional career. The support from the OHA site visitors was game changing. Six months from now we will be leaps and bounds ahead of clinics that have not had a site visit. - PCPCH clinic staff

This was our first site visit and it was really quite painless. This was not due to the inspectors being less than thorough. They were VERY thorough but handled themselves in a friendly, professional manner. I appreciated their focus because it can only make healthcare better for our patients. - PCPCH clinic staff

A recent survey of PCPCH clinics that received a verification site found:

  • 92% of those surveyed thought the clinical transformation consultant was helpful, professional and knowledgeable.
  • 82% of those surveyed thought the OHA site visitors were helpful, professional and knowledgeable.