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Reports to the Legislative Assembly

2017 Legislative Report2017 report on health care curricula on pain and pain management, as required by ORS 413.572. This report also shares information on statewide efforts to address the opioid epidemic and overlapping issues of the treatment of pain in Oregon.
2015 Curricula Report Legislature2015 recommendations for needed pain management legislation and OPMC activities.
2013 Curricula Report Legislature2013 recommendations for needed pain management legislation.
2011 Curricula Report Legislature2011 recommendations for needed pain management legislation.

Other Reports

Health Care Provider list of resources for healthcare providers and pharmacists.
Joint Statement on Pain ManagementOPMC and healthcare licensing boards’ commitment to improve pain management services.
Medical Marijuana Position StatementOPMC's position statement on medical use of marijuana, archived 2/15/2018



Advancing Pain Management in Oregon - 2016 version OPMC web-based module, archived 1/30/2018

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