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Additional Resources for Healthcare Professionals

As you use the resources available through this website, remember that people experience pain in many ways. Those with chronic pain should work with their health care providers to develop strategies that work best for them.

Pain management works best as a collaborative effort, involving professionals, informed patients, who actively participate in self-management of pain, and their families, who can provide additional support.


Oregon Pain Guidance

Trauma Informed Oregon

Health Care Provider Resources


David Butler - The Drug Cabinet in the Brain

TED Talk: Dr. Lorimer Mosley - Why Things Hurt

Kelly McGonigal - How to make stress your friend

Daniel J. Clauw MD - Chronic Pain: Is it all in their head?

Sean Mackey - Update on Fibromyalgia

Gordon Irving - What is fibromyalgia and how is it treated?

Gordon Irving - Complimentary Therapy: What can you do to reduce your pain?

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