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Pain Education Program

Pain Education Program Requirement

The required "pain management education program" is specified as completion of the one-hour web-based module developed by the Commission and an additional six (6) accredited hours of continuing education in pain management, palliative care and end of life care or a combination of both.

The healthcare professionals required to complete the pain education program are those specifically identified licensees that report to the following Licensing Boards:"

(a) Oregon Board of Medical Examiners, which includes: physicians, physician assistants and acupuncturists (with the exception of those listed under OAR chapter 847.677, identified as waived);
(b) Oregon State Board of Nursing, which includes: all registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse practitioners;
(c) Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners, which includes: all licensed psychologists;
(d) Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners, which includes: all licensed chiropractors;
(e) Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners, which includes: all licensed naturopathic physicians;
(f) Oregon Board of Pharmacy, which includes: all licensed pharmacists;
(g) Oregon Board of Dentistry, which includes all licensed dentists;
(h) Oregon Board of Occupational Therapy, which includes all licensed occupational therapists; and
(i) Oregon Board of Physical Therapy, which includes all licensed physical therapists.

A Note about Continuing Education Hours

Your licensing board, not the OPMC, has oversight of the proper required CEU accreditation. If you have questions regarding the additional 6 CEUs please contact your licensing board.

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